Happy Love-themed Hallmark Holiday…I mean Valentine’s Day

Despite the mildly snarky title, I do appreciate the idea of a day devoted to honoring romantic love albeit in a less commercial, superficial way than the traditional American Valentine’s Day. Sure we can do this on a daily basis but a holiday can elevate that special-ness.

That said, I have mixed feelings on the concept of finding romantic love– the expectations surrounding it, this trite idea of soulmates and the way coupledom is held up like a necessary life goal.

I love the idea of love. I’m essentially much like those delicious Lindor truffles. While I maintain a firm outer shell that keeps my theories on love rooted in reality with a touch of cynicism, just below the surface in my soft center is a romantic. One that appreciates unconventional, authentic expressions of love but still a romantic.


Some romantic love-related goodies for you:

God Doesn’t Have a Perfect Match for You: I’m not very religious but I was nodding my head throughout this piece. I can’t speak from experience, only from observation & theory, but I imagine long-term commitment is less about your partner being your “destiny” or “perfect match” and more about devotion to another. Plus, people can be wildly happy with multiple partners in a lifetime. Why the quota?

I enjoyed this reflection from Cassie of Alternative Badassery on being “in love” for the first time because it just feels so genuine. A funny side effect of avid blog reading is feeling for people I’ve never met! But my questions about these declarations of love is always well, what about 20 years later? How does that love ripple through time? Can’t you feel this way about multiple people in a lifetime? Perhaps everyone doesn’t have that capacity?

I believe in this kind of love. It answers my question. At least for Roger & Chaz, twenty years later their love has blossomed.

But let’s be clear. The ride isn’t always smooth: Married (Happily) with Issues

And in the same breath, it’s also true that marriage isn’t for everyone. Even long-term relationships aren’t.

Smaggle breaks it down on ridiculous societal expectations about weddings. I love this description of doing it differently.


And for good measure, two favorite love songs of mine:

Singing this song with my sister makes me feel like I’m home

Everyone’s love is equally sacred


2 thoughts on “Happy Love-themed Hallmark Holiday…I mean Valentine’s Day

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Also, this: “A funny side effect of avid blog reading is feeling for people I’ve never met!” — oh yeah, me too. Also, your thoughts on wanting the task of writing your About page to disappear — again, oh yeah, me too. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment 🙂 I’m glad you share some of my thoughts, especially about empathizing or feeling connected to those content creators you follow. The intimacy of blogging has a way of doing that! It’s one of my favorite things about this medium.

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