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Defying Definitions

Lately I’ve been doing my research on becoming a doula and further down the line, a nurse midwife. Birth has always been fascinating to me. As a child, I was that kid known for her affinity for babies and used to tell people that I wanted four children of my own some day. I also come … Continue reading


Certainty has allure. I long for the steadfast faith of devoted believers or the decisiveness of those who know exactly what they want. During a week when I’m tossing and turning various career ideas in my mind without taking any concrete action, these words from Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love seem extremely timely: A … Continue reading

Food Might Be My Love Story

Yesterday, I spent almost five hours sitting in Barnes and Noble, reading a cookbook.  Yes, a cookbook. And other than my derriere losing blood circulation, I loved every moment. What deep pleasure in taking in the colorful covers as I slowly walk through the food section, my eyes poring over each one, wanting to pick up more … Continue reading